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The Banned & Warnings List, Madden 19, Season 3 (Season 38 Overall)

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The Banned & Warnings List, Madden 19, Season 3 (Season 38 Overall)

Post by GBDawg1 on Sat 23 Feb 2019, 7:59 pm

This league operates a "naming and shaming" policy for those who flout the rules of the league. Such transgressions and sanctions willl be posted in this thread. Please do not post in this thread. This thread is only for use by the committee. And please remember, if you have grievances either with either a member of the committee or another owner, airing them publicly is not the right way to go about things. Send a pm to GBDawg1/DonnieBrasco72/Tru11/MattyE88/MCFCDAP or even all 5 of us and we will decide what to do. We won't please everyone with our decisions, but we do consider each complaint - and we look at situations that have arisen where we consider a rule breach may have taken place, irrespective of whether there is a complaint or not. We really would appreciate it if owners would play to the rules and respect your opponents. We recognise that this is a game, but like all games, it has rules, which are there for a reason and if you break them then there are consequences.

Note: This thread is NOT to be used as a discussion forum as to whether you agree with decisions that have been made or not, or for anything else. Any posts making reference to a warning or ban in this thread will be deleted and the owner making a comment will risk a warning and/or ban themselves. Indeed, warnings and bans should not be discussed openly in any thread in any sub-forum. Anyone who is unhappy with decisions we have made should address them via pm to the committee.

The disciplinary guide is shown below. Note that this is a guide and the committee may decide to increase/decrease the severity of the ban depending upon the circumstances. For very serious offences, the order may not be followed and an owner might even face immediate expulsion from the league. For "normal" offences, the disciplinary order is:

1. Warning
2. One game ban
3. Three game ban
4. Expulsion from the league.

Offences will be carried over to the next season, but will move one back up the penalty list. So, for example, should you end Season 3 facing a three game ban for your next transgression, you would start the following season only facing a one game ban. If you had only received a warning, then your record would be clear.

However, if we find that, in the opinion of the committee, some owners deliberately set out to get a warning each season knowing they will have the slate wiped clean, we will take further action against persistent offenders.

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