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Post by MattyE88 on Fri 04 Jan 2019, 5:57 pm

As there is so many of you.

Dap took your time finding these guys could of done it sooner lol,well done mate .

Anyways moving on,welcome everyone new 

This league has had a dip of the last two maddens,we are normally 30 strong as let's face it no one likes Miami or jets.

We've had a lot who join and really don't interact or bother arranging and don't last a week. I'm hoping we got a bunch of committed sim players who have joined,As we have had some knockbacks last few joiners I know madden can be a pain at times.but until someone steps up at EA NFL and NFL it's self we have to bare it.

Please have a look around starting with rules as there nothing worse then having to pause a game and tell members about rules and we who do that sound like doughnuts doing it. 

Also Trade rules along with FA rules.
Positions rules all these can we found in draft,trade section of site.

Committee members
@GBDawg1 Boss,the man the myth the legend founder of EAFL .
@Donniebrasco72 Daddyleagues  
@tru11 Trade man 
@MattyE88 FA man,Pre season and off season 

Any questions hit me up on PM or Facebook or Twitter . All in my profile

Please enjoy ,take a bit to get a into swing of things but definitely worth time.

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Post by MCFCDAP on Fri 04 Jan 2019, 6:53 pm

#SaveTheEAFL was needed today! My phone hasn't stopped all day mate, feel like a sports agent Laughing

Welcome to all of you who I have spoken to at some point today, great to see so many of you and I hope you enjoy the league as much as we all have for so many years!!

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