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Week 9 Game Reports

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Week 9 Game Reports

Post by GeordieAlfie on Sun 14 Oct 2018, 8:41 am

Bears Plenty - Bills Next-to-f**k-all

Not a game report as such, but more of an announcement that I can no longer be bothered to play the cpu. This game was a joke on many different levels. 
I've just uploaded one highlight which was called as a pick, when the ball clearly was on the ground. Also interesting how quickly a LB can react and keep up with a WR and DB. The Chicago receivers could catch anything and everything, but my team of athletes dropped ball after ball, when Allen actually managed to get the ball anywhere near them. 

Apart from that, there was also a pick that I threw that was overturned by a defensive holding call, but the game would not let me accept the penalty. This has happened in another game as well: the first time it happened I thought it was me being dumb. 

Trubisky played like a HoF QB - occasionally he would make mistakes on 1st & 2nd down, but normally completed 3rd and longs with ease. 

Here's the "pick"

Over and out.
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