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Week 6 Game Reports

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Week 6 Game Reports Empty Week 6 Game Reports

Post by Veeebs on Thu 04 Oct 2018, 1:35 am

Philadelphia @ New York - EAFL Week 6

The Philadelphia Eagles endured a miserable Thursday Night game of Football, suffering their third defeat of the controversial maiden campaign of Madden 19 in the EAFL, leaving their record at 3-3 and now third in the NFC East. 

Last week, we saw history made as the Philly Eagles managed to do something no other team in the EAFL has ever accomplished; shut-out the All-Madden CPU whilst also shutting out themselves, and still win, in over-time. It had people, fans, pundits talking up the strengths and weaknesses of this Philly team. They can't score points, but they can defend their goal-line.

Unfortunately, barely 5 minutes into this contest with the New York Giants, Eli Manning lofted a pass high and accurately into the arms of O'Dell Beckham Jr for the opening score of the game. Just like that, the illusion that the Eagles has this magical barrier around their end-zone was shattered. Eagles fans in attendance were in shock.

What followed on from this point until the end of the first half was excellent defense by the Eagles but frustratingly for them, also good defense by the Giants. However, with 17 seconds left of the 1st half, Philly managed to poke home a 49 yard FG much to the delight of their travelling faithful. 

Getting the ball back 2nd half, Coach Captain Hook was expecting his team to continue the momentum built up towards the end of the 1st half but unfortunately the offence immediately went three and out. Fortunately, so did the Giants thereafter. Then came a turning point in the game... Coach Hook began dialling up plays from the playbook which they did not use normally in an attempt to re-vitalise the offence and their fans. This did not work. In fact, QB Wentz threw his first pick of the game and it was returned for a score. 

To summarise the remainder of the half it was a lot of New York running the ball well, Philly struggling offensively, getting sacked multiple times, Wentz throwing multiple more interceptions, getting injured, Foles enters, immediately throws interception, Wentz returns later and throws another interception. Philly had no answer to the Giants' passing or running attack in the 2nd half. They crumbled to the ground like a hob-nob after it's been soaked in a hot cup of coffee. 

Coach Hook is trying to see the positives from this game but the resounding noise is that offensively something needs to change, maybe a playbook change would help matters, or personnel at certain positions. Coach Hook will eagerly await meeting with Jacksonville in week 8 as it will mean facing a Human and hopefully provide a better chance for this highly rated Philly offence to show what they can truly do!?

Final Score: Philadelphia 6 - 31 New York

Madden 18
Season #1: Seattle Seahawks 5-11, 3rd NFC North
Season #2: Seattle Seahawks 12-4, 2nd NFC North 
(Superbowl 35 Runner-up vs New England Patriots - Matty)

Madden 19
Season #1: Philadelphia Eagles 11-5, 1st NFC East 
(Superbowl 36 Runner-up vs Kansas City Chiefs - VL Coach)
Season #2: Philadelphia Eagles 14-2, 1st NFC East
(NFC Championship Runner-up vs New Orleans Saints - Rilester)

Overall EAFL Record: 48-25 (Including post-season)

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Week 6 Game Reports Lfc10
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Week 6 Game Reports Empty Re: Week 6 Game Reports

Post by VL_coach on Sat 06 Oct 2018, 4:37 pm

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