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Sim Style... What does it means?

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Sim Style... What does it means?

Post by Fabio on Thu 05 Jul 2018, 10:58 pm

Someone can explain as per subject what does it means " sim style " ? It's only a curiosity. Ive been played in alot of ps4 leagues and in every places, i noticed that every commish wants play with " the sim style ". How? 

Team Owners are required to play in a manner consistent with the NFL.  " 

1.I dont see any NFL team call 100 playaction or so during a game like the chiefs owners.. ( sim style ) ?

2.I dont see any NFL teams call only counters as the broncos owner.... ( sim style ) ?

3. I dont see any NFL teams call the HB Screen on 3rd down and long situation to close it. ( sim style ) ?

So.... This is an arcade league or a " sim league "? 

Ive played twice vs KC, and him had the same playcalling in boths.... NFL style? xD

Team Owners are required to play with respect for their opponent and the game. "

Chiefs owner, when him was ahead and the game was closed already start to have a air attack to increase his own stats... Very NFL STYle...

And the last thing..

The EFL, was and rest the best pc madden league in Europe.

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Re: Sim Style... What does it means?

Post by GBDawg1 on Fri 06 Jul 2018, 11:43 am

There are a number of points to address in your post, but first allow me to refer you to the banned and warnings list.
Link here

This quite clearly shows what the procedure is for raising grievances against other players. You have not followed it.

Normally I would delete your post, but as your post sounds like a post someone would make when they are leaving the league (please confirm one way or the other) then I have decided to comment on the points you have made.

1. I very much doubt that anyone is able to call "100 play action passes" in a single game. Obviously you are exaggerating for effect. I have not received any other complaints about the Chiefs owner in this respect. Did you video the game? Have you any evidence? We do have a rule about PA passes on 3rd & long and I hope this wasn't broken.

2. Same as above.

3. On the contrary, you often see screen passes called on 3rd & long, especially if the offense thinks the defense is going to blitz.

4. If a game is "in the books" then I would hope that a team would run the ball and chew the clock. Again, I'd ask KC to comment.

I will invite both Denver and Kansas City to respond to your comments.

As for the EFL, I don't know anything about this league. Are you in it? Is it still going?
Has it been around for 35 seasons?

I note you haven't left yet: I would suggest that maybe your frustration in part stems from your record this season. I know you missed a number of games, which obviously hasn't helped, but I seem to recall that from when you joined, you mentioned that you had been in quite a number of leagues - and obviously hadn't stayed. Perhaps you had the same issues in those? Is that why you left them?

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Re: Sim Style... What does it means?

Post by GeordieAlfie on Sat 07 Jul 2018, 11:56 am

Well, I played Denver yesterday and can't say there was anything wrong with his game play. He ran a few counters, but he ran lots of other running plays too. He also used PA, but no more than anyone else. 

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Re: Sim Style... What does it means?

Post by warlow on Sat 07 Jul 2018, 6:05 pm

Thanks Geordie, only saw this now, I don’t really know why my name/team is mentioned.  With running plays there is only a few you can run stretch, counter, dive, toss, draw if I want to run the ball a lot there is only so many plays I can choose



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Re: Sim Style... What does it means?

Post by VL_coach on Mon 09 Jul 2018, 2:00 pm

Only play action? Really. Video proof please.
Same play colling? Of course, cause i like some plays, but it doesnt mean i play only pa or 2-3 plays during all the game. And if the game is "over" why do u play no huddle or try to gain tds? If u do so i will play what ever i like on offense, but not running up the score.

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