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New Owners - Please Read - Again!

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New Owners - Please Read - Again! Empty New Owners - Please Read - Again!

Post by GBDawg1 on Thu 28 Dec 2017, 7:43 am

Dear All

There is another thread also in this section that new owners would be advised to read as well.

The reason for this new thread is that last night I had to take the unprecedented step of removing someone from the league who had only just joined and was playing their first game. The reason for this was that the new owner had clearly not read the rules, committed multiple infractions and continued to do so after I had warned them not to on several occasions.

They called the same plays over and over again and it turned into a complete cheese-fest. That is not how we play here; this is not a MUThead league and it's not an extension of H2H online games.

When anyone joins this league, I send them details of what they need to do: and at the top of my list is "read the rules". The rules apply to everyone, whether they are new or old owners. This is a sim league and anyone who doesn't like the idea of that had better play along with it or they won't last very long. People might think they are clever and can get away with cheating - and they might for a while - but you will be found out in the end.

I don't claim that our rules are perfect, but they (with a few amendments now and again) have stood the test of time for over 30 seasons and I know that at least 2 leagues - quite possibly more - have started their leagues based around the rules we have here.

Normally I would make an allowance or two in a situation that involved a new owner, but such flagrant disregard for the rules and then carrying on when having been told to stop is not a good career move in this league - particularly if you happen to be doing it against the bloke who wrote the rules in the first place.

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