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Last Season 4 madden 17 Draft Review

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Last Season 4 madden 17 Draft Review

Post by MattyE88 on Sat 20 May 2017, 8:51 pm

Patriots Draft Board Needs
Apart from Kicker and Punter rest were just back ups to fill maybe build up over season.

Now LB Wiggins was my First Choice but i knew he wouldn't land at 13th pick,So when he was taken by Tampa Bay at 4.Plus New Owner Dolphins went RB at 6.

So i decided to go with Tennessee's Prototype,I liked what i scouted and well it turned out to be the in game 1# True Talent ovr 77
But well All know Ovr ain't nothing

Savon Gettis LB Tennessee 23 Prototype
Awr 65 Prc 73 Man 62 Zone 73 
Speed 82 Acc 88 Ag 82 Str 82 Pur 84 Pm 76 Fm 67 
Tackle 91 Bs 80 

Injury and Toughness and stamina Good Obviously Pick of the bunch i got

2nd Round 22 Colts Pick via Trade
I went Speed as i Have Ravens week 2 and well WR are fast but also Chiefs Speedsters again but also had in mind i Face Odell and bills doss and watkins again

Devin Childress CB Texas Tech 23 Prototype Ovr 68

27th Pick
Needing Depth a LB i went for there Again

Cornelius Hardison LB Wisconsin 22 3-4 Tackler Ovr 70

Quick player can go Sideline to sideline need's a bit of work but can play apart this year with his 92 hit power alone on Special Teams

3rd Round 27th Pick
Went Offensive Line here again Depth

Toby Zusevics G 23 SMU Quick Trait Ovr 75

Need's a bit of Work on his Mental side of things, Got Good Run Block and Pass Block needs work. Quick for a big Boy and Great Strength.Clutch too

Round 5,6,7
S.Amato Kicker 73 Ovr 90 Power Need
D.Jolly RB Speedster Ovr 72 Depth
I.Chambers TE Ovr 64 Depth

I'd Give myself a B+ Overall

Due to Fact i Don't have a Instant Starter as my Team pretty solid at the moment.And fact my only Empty spaces on the Depth chart was a Kicker and Punter which i didn't get so also plays part in final Rating

Feel Free to Join in with your reviews

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Re: Last Season 4 madden 17 Draft Review

Post by VL_coach on Sun 21 May 2017, 10:10 am

Before the draft KC have already manned roster. I really dont have any needs)) At all positiions i have good or great players( Ol frol LT to RT : 88,88,90,88,88  TE: 94,76,74  WR: 85,81,76,71 HB: 86,77 FB:87 QB:95 DL: 81,94,85 LB: 83,86,79,99 CB: 95,87,83,72 S: 87,95). That is my best roster i`ve ever had from madden 13.
I hadnt need to scout QB and CB at all) After scouting ol,dl,lb,wr and s i decided to pick best available players(i really wanted fast te instead of 29 old Kelce but with my 31 pick it was impossible to pick). Norman Byrne(best te n the draft board was picked at very high 8 pick by Raiders. Then i activated my plan B to pcik fast safety to backup Berry and to gain dl depth. I`ve made 3 picks(31,54 and 63) and let the CPU to make another 5... CPU picked some garbage and i`ve cut them as soon as i checked it picks out. But my picks are very tough i think! Here they are:
With 31 overal KC selected Zach Cowan - S from UCLA http://www.daddyleagues.com/eafl/player/11387995
He has 90 speed and 92 acc, 77 ZC,90 HIT, 91 Jumpimg, also he has BS and tackle,but recognition and awareness are low and he only has "disciplined" trait...but as for me safety must have strip ball, agressive play ball trait,high motor and big hitter. Too much xp i will spend to purchase traits for him with his average dev,but he is not bad backup. He was 24 ovearal talent.
I was shocked when i saw Karrington Fenderson (DT from Vanderbilt) available on 54 pick and i had no doubt to pick in of the best players from this year draft class(he was 18 talent overal).He has fast dev, 84 shedding, 85 PM, 91 str and 80 acc, he is also big hitter, high motor and bull rush. Accelent addition for my dl. http://www.daddyleagues.com/eafl/player/11387823
With this draft i also wanted to add depth at wrs or at hbs. When i was on the clock with 63 overal pick there was no wr i added to my watch list thats why it was a simple solution to pick HB from Toledo Demico, who was 34 overal talent Weems http://www.daddyleagues.com/eafl/player/11387858
He has fast dev, average 91 speed and 89 acc(but i think for my roster no hb coild have elite speed and acc))), 84 car, 92 juke and 82 spin, fight for yards and keep in bounds traits.
I think my draft is pretty cute, keeping in mind i have late picks.

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Re: Last Season 4 madden 17 Draft Review

Post by VL_coach on Sun 21 May 2017, 11:10 am

AFC South:
Texans are upset with this draft... No interesting players
Dallas Mckinley - RG from Indi. Elite strength(91), great run blocks and acc.
C.J. Nickerson - MLB forn Tennessee.I have no idea like players are generating for draft in madden, but i dont understand how MLB can be witb fast dev, acc 90 and 79 speed...are u kidding me,EA? Elite tackle,elite hit power, even some pr moves, low zc.
One of the best players in draft class, who was picked by CPU - Scott Allred - QB fron Jaxonville. He is superstar with 96 tp, 87 sa, 82 ma and 82 da.

to be continued

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