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Post by tru11 on Mon 08 May 2017, 9:26 pm

Ravens - Browns

Browns where seconds away from a road play off victory but only found a special way to still loose the game.

Browns where down 14 after the 1st quarter but fought fact and keep the game close.

It wasent till under 5 minutes left till they got their first lead.
With under 4 minutes left they where in position to kick a FG but an INT gave a chance to tie the game.
It was perriman who scored a big TD but the XP was missed giving the browns the lead and ball with 2 minutes left.
Browns went 3 and out after ravens burned their last TO.
With a 4th and 1 and under 30 seconds left the browns opted to punt rather then risk not making it on 4th and giving the chance for the ravens to kick a long FG.
After going for the punt the browns decided to keep it in bound which came back to bite them as it was returned for a TD by last seasons top returner.
With little to no time left the browns fans where once again ask wondering what could have been and how on earth did they manage a game that was already won.

The Browns was not available for comment but might perhaps chim in on the events that took place  Razz


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Re: WILD CARD Reports

Post by GBDawg1 on Tue 09 May 2017, 11:22 am


Talk about blowing it. I can't find the right words to express how I felt after that.


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