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Week 13 Reports

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Week 13 Reports

Post by MattyE88 on Wed 02 Nov 2016, 9:42 pm

Game was a nailbitter
Brady 150.4 17/21 303 Yds 2 TD 80%Cmp
Goff 124.3 27/36 276 Yds 3 TD 76%Cmp (A Fumble ,but Olineman recovered)

Lewis 7 att 29 Yards TD
Blount 6 att 16 yards
Gurley 9 att 17 yards and a Fumble(Recovered by patriots Ryan)

Strong 5 rec 107 TD(Winning TD)
Gronk 3 rec 65 Yards TD
Lewis 5 rec 66 yards
Austin 11 rec 121 Yards 2 TD
Kendricks 3 rec 31 yards TD
Gurley 7 rec 59 yards

3 sacks in the game, Two from rams(Donald and Quinn) and Sheard (he also caused a Fumble from Goff)
Harmon for Patriots forced Gurley to fumble on a run
Cyrus "The Virus" Jones Led Patriots in tackles with 8, Rams Quinn and Davis Tied on 5

This game was a tough hard fought battle, Both teams scored in the first only to then both miss the XP.
There was only 1 punt all game which came from Rams in 3rd qrt, Before that in the 2nd qrt Patriots Got the fumble recovery and score a 49 yard FG into 9mph wind to take lead(Also in Snow). Rams Would Score on there next drive leaving seconds around 40 on the clock.
Patriots with all 3 timeouts get to 29 on kick off return. From there brady and coaches used timeouts well and after a great catch from strong into superb FG range and then a penalty, think maybe caught rams off guard when could of taken last timeout a kicked a long FG a small chance it would make it, Nope Patriots go for it and brady steps back and see a mismatch and lobs it to gronk deep into end zone...A BOOM TD with 0 Seconds on clock, Now looking at replay the ball height played a big part but also rams Defenders instead of Swatting they tried to pick it and missed, Ball was placed on a spot only gronk could get, using his massive body frame. So Pats lead into second half 16-13

3rd Patriots nailed a 41 FG against wind. Rams Punted as above suggests

4th where the drama happened, Patriots Drained the half the qrt and happy to take a FG to make it two score lead.

26 yards with 9mph in the snow should be easy right.....Nope margin out of the kicking meter hits it left into Goalpost.
Rams then Drove all the way down to the 7 yard line of patriots and 1 minute left on the clock...3rd Down and Goal Goff Drops back......See Austin over middle covered...gurley covered everyone covered but tried to squeeze it into Austin who too quick hoff put it behind him....it's going to be an easy pick for right it's straight at him.....nope don't catch it...bounces of his hands tips right hits Austin on his helmet and then he catches it for the Lead TD with 50 seconds left. 19-19 as rams missed another XP;(

Patriots used one time out just before that TD play so only have 2 timeouts. Mr.Clutch Brady shows why he contender for MVP but he could not do it without his teammates who stepped up big when it got down to business. Lucian KO return was important as he got them to the 40 on Pats side Field,Brady then found Edelman who got them into the edge of FG range at 35 Rams. blount tries to get yards gets 2....... timeout.....1 left and 20 seconds left....brady snaps and tries to find fiedor TE but great defending knocks it out...10 seconds left 3rd down......Brady Snaps....9.....8....7 Brady throws to a wide open Strong....6 catches it and TD with 3 seconds left and two players about to get him as he crosses line. Would of FG but after missing easy earlier and could not risk it and also tackle motion would knocked a few seconds of and maybe not able to get to in time also patriots missed another XP.

Great game Lemax good luck rest season

Final score 25-19 patriots

Patriots host Ravens next while rams host falcons

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Re: Week 13 Reports

Post by LeMaX on Fri 04 Nov 2016, 7:27 am

Great game, great report!
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