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DAP's Week 6 Review

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DAP's Week 6 Review

Post by MCFCDAP on Thu 13 Oct 2016, 10:15 pm

Sorry lads I missed a week but here goes with my Week 6 Review....

We moved into week 6 with still 2 unbeaten sides, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions. And once the scores were in, we left Week 6 with only one, the Chiefs! They overcame the Raiders in a close affair 33-27. As for the Lions, they we to lose convincingly 51-27 to the Rams who managed to win the 4th Q 34-0! 

At the other end of the scale, the Bears grabbed their first win overcoming a Jaguars team who lack identity at the minute and a QB! The Dolphins also became the last team to win a game, overcoming the Steelers who also stand with just one win. The only team yet to win a game are the Saints, seemingly struggling with an ageing QB, maybe signally the end of Drew Brees.

Colts beat the Texans to take top spot in the AFC South. The Titans managed to get back to winning ways beating the Browns 10-6 in a close game.

New England carried on their strong start with a 24-16 win over the Bengals, another defeat for the Bills and Jets puts the Patriots clear at the top of the AFC East.

With the big win previously mentioned for the Lions, it was vital the 49ers defeated Buffalo which they did to stay top of the NFC West.

Elsewhere there were wins for Denver, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Dallas and Arizona.

My Week 7 Game of the Week the Seattle Seahawks face the Arizona Cardinals!

Good luck in Week 7 lads, nearly half way through season 1 already!!

Owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars

After countless rubbish, losing seasons I finally have one to be proud of.....

M15 - Season 1 - Jaguars 14-2 - AFC South Champions
M15 - Season 2 - Jaguars 7-9
M15 - Season 3 - Jaguars 7-9
M15 - Season 4 - Jaguars 4-12
M16 - Season 1 - Jaguars 3-13
M16 - Season 2 - Jaguars 9-7
M16 - Season 3 - Jaguars 9-7
M16 - Season 4 - Jaguars 8-8
M17 - Season 1 - Jaguars 4-12
M17 - Season 2 - Jaguars 6-10
M17 - Season 3 - Jaguars 6-10 (Injury hit year)

Overall - Jaguars 77-99-0

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Re: DAP's Week 6 Review

Post by MattyE88 on Thu 13 Oct 2016, 10:47 pm

Great work sir

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