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EAFL League Rules - Madden 20

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EAFL League Rules - Madden 20 Empty EAFL League Rules - Madden 20

Post by GBDawg1 on Sat 17 Sep 2016, 11:19 am

EAFL League Rules, Madden 20

Site Rules

No trash talking!


Create your own coach (legacy coaches not allowed)


Skill Level: ALL MADDEN

Instant Starter: ON
Trade Deadline: ON
Coach Firing: OFF
Salary Cap: ON
Relocation Settings: NORMAL
Injury: ON
Pre-Existing Injury: ON
Player Progression Frequency: EVERY WEEK


Quarter Length: 9 MINUTES
Accelerated Clock: ON
Minimum Play Clock Time: 20 


Season Experience: CUSTOMISED
Weekly Training: MANUAL

Trades & Free Agency: MANUAL
Offseason Free Agent Bidding: MANUAL
Injury Management: MANUAL

Preseason Cut Days: MANUAL
Contract Negotiaions: MANUAL
Scout College Players: MANUAL


Tutorial Pop-Ups: OFF
Progress Players: OFF

TEAM SETTINGS Main Menu (not League menu)/Customise/Settings/Settings/Game Options


Offensive Playbook: FREE CHOICE (No Custom Books or Pistol)
Defensive Playbook: FREE CHOICE 


Auto Flip Defensive Playcall: ON
Ball Carrier Special Move: MANUAL
Defensive Auto Strafe: OFF
Defensive Ball Hawk: OFF
Defensive Heat Seeker Assist: OFF
Defensive Switch Assist: OFF
Coach Mode: OFF


Coin Toss 1st Choice: FREE CHOICE
Coin Toss 2nd Choice: FREE CHOICE

VISUAL FEEDBACK Main Menu (not League menu)/Customise/Settings/Settings/Visual Feedback

Play Call Style: FREE CHOICE

Play Call Button Layout: FREE CHOICE
Previous Play Information: ON


On Field Visual Feedback: OFF
Defensive Pass Coverage Visual Assist: OFF
Receiver Visual Assist: OFF

Drive Goals & XP Feedback: OFF
Franchise Bottom Line Ticker: SCORES ONLY
Franchise Gameplan Boost Notification: OFF
Coaching Tips: OFF

Pre-Snap Menu: ON
Player Names: ALWAYS ON 


Camera Toggle: OFF 
Passing Cam: OFF
Offense Camera Settings: STANDARD
Defense Camera Settings: STANDARD

Weekly Advance

The League will officially advance at 10 pm Saturdays and 10 pm Tuesdays (UK Time - either GMT or GMT+1) unless otherwise notified. Very occasionally there may be an extension: if your game is running late you MUST send a psm to the Commish or acting Commish to request an extension. However, this should only be for around a maximum of 15 minutes. Anything more than this is likely to be refused. There is plenty of time to schedule two games per week.

Scheduling / Playing Games against Player Owners

Owners are required to add other League Owners to their PSN Friends list.
Owners are required to schedule and play games against other Owners.
Owners are required to be active on the website. Games should be arranged through the site (through the weekly matchups thread, or via pm ) or via PSN messaging.

Please be punctual for your games. If you are 20 minutes + late, your opponent can play the cpu, unless you have notified him and he has agreed to rescheduling.

See the Weekly Matchups, Game Arrangements & Reports Section for more details.
Please ensure that you arrange your games in good time - not on the day of the advance.
If you cannot play your game in a particular week then a) notify your opponent of this and b) ensure that you put yourself on AP.
When starting the game, the invite should be sent by the HOME TEAM.

League Integrity

Owners are expected to play their games at all times (unless they have notified the Commissioner in advance they will be away) and are expected to play to win. It is not acceptable for owners who, in the late regular season, find themselves eliminated from the playoffs and allow their opponent to play the CPU. Players who disregard this rule may face disciplinary action. However, it is acceptable to play backups and rest your starters in advance of the post season.

Simmed Games

We will try to avoid simmed games wherever possible, but it does happen from time to time. If players cannot come to an agreement on a start time, then the game will be simmed. If, in the opinion of the committee, a player has made a reasonable effort to arrange his game with an opponent and given several start time options and the opponent has either not answered or has declined these options, then the player who endeavoured to arrange the game may be given the option to play the CPU at the committee's discretion. The committee's decision on such matters shall be final.

Game Reports

We have a game reports section in this league and the HOME team is urged to submit a report in the Weekly Matchups, Game Arrangements & Reports Section in the Reports thread relating to week the game was played. Obviously, if you play the CPU, you will need to submit a report even if you were the visiting team (not mandatory but desirable). Video reports are perfectly acceptable. If your game report is the first of the week, please start the thread.

See also https://www.theeafl.com/t8-game-reports-rules

Free Agents & Roster Size

Free Agency bidding will be done via the ps4. Players are reminded that they need to stay within their salary cap, which is in line with the game's default. Players can bid on whomever they wish, provided they have the cap room. The maximum allowable number of players on the roster for game day in the regular season is 53.
The minimum roster size is 50.

There will be a one-round (ie one pick per team) Free Agency draft at the beginning of the first season. The draft order for this will be determined by each team's OVR at the start of the game. Teams will be allowed to take 2 additional Free Agents once the first round has concluded. Teams are NOT to take their 2nd and 3rd round picks before the time and date set by the committee. After week 8, teams will be allowed one extra free agency pick. In seasons 2,3 & 4, teams will also be allowed to draft 2 Undrafted Free Agent Rookies after the draft has concluded and before the start of Week 1 in the Regular Season. They will then be allowed to draft 3 more FAs in the regular season and an additional one after Week 8.

Practice Squads

Practice squads are filled during week 4 of pre-season. Not all players are practice-squad eligible but this is shown in the player profile. When signing players either to the roster or to the practice squad, each signing will count as one of your FA signings. It is possible for other teams to “steal” players off another’s practice squad, but teams that do this will forfeit a FA pick for each player “stolen”. You fill your practice squad by effectively demoting players from your roster during Pre-Season Week 4.

If, during the course of the season, you decide to promote someone to your main roster from your practice squad, then this will NOT count against your FA allocation. However, if you then sign someone from the FA pool to the practice squad to cover the gap, this will count against your FA allocation. Your practice squad can take a maximum of 10 players.

The practice squad players will join the main roster at the end of each season and then the process will start again. Any vacant slots will be auto-filled at the end of the season, unless EA decides to patch this.

Emergency Signings

If a team has used all of its free agency signings in any season and is hit with an injury issue, the committee may allow additional free signings in certain circumstances. These will normally be for specialist positions only, namely K, P & in some circumstances, QB. It is the responsibility of the team owner to ensure he has enough back-ups available in all positions except for K & P. Any request to sign an additional free agent must be made to the committee. Apart from K & P positions, where teams are unlikely to have a back-up, the committee will normally only allow the lowest-rated player at any position in the FA pool to be signed. Teams should consider this when putting together their rosters.


Please ensure that you sign up for DaddyLeagues. There is a thread in the announcement section about this. The link is
www.daddyleagues.com . You need to register first to open an account at DaddyLeagues and then apply to join the EAFL (while you are logged in) at www.Daddyleagues.com/EAFL. There is also a link to Daddyleagues from the bottom of the home page of this site. 


Owners can trade freely* with other owners; trades with CPU teams are not allowed. Please refer to the rules in the Trades section, but proposed trades must be sent via pm to Tru11. Tru11 will be the sole arbiter of whether a trade is considered fair value (except for trades involving him, which will be handled by Donniebrasco72/GBDawg1/MattyE88). Once a trade has been posted in the Trades thread, it is considered a "done deal" and can go ahead. Neither owner is permitted to back out of a deal once it has been published. Trades are not allowed after week 8. Trades can be negotiated after Week 8, but cannot be finalised until after the advance to off-season. Trades should be conducted through the trade screen, but do not make a trade without it having been approved and published by Tru11 in the Trades thread. The only exception to this is for trades where Tru11 is involved, when another committee member will approve it (or otherwise).

Trading Rookies and Trading in General

Owners will be permitted trade their rookies in the first season of any Madden series (in other words, rookies that were picked by the team’s GM in real life and had nothing to do with the EAFL owner). In subsequent seasons, the trading of rookies is not allowed by “veteran” coaches. New owners will be able to trade their “inherited” rookies the season in which they join the league, subject to the normal week 8 trading deadline restrictions.

Switching Teams

No owner will be allowed to switch to another team until a new series of Madden is launched UNLESS his favourite team should become available, or in Season 4 of a particular Madden series. Owners must note that if they decide to switch teams in Season 4, then they forfeit all rights on their previous team. This means they will automatically be allocated their new team at the commencement of the next Madden series. When joining the league, owners are required to declare their favourite team in the thread in the General Section. Owners who do not do this will not be allowed to switch teams.  


The Draft will take place, generally about a week or so after the Super Bowl has been played. The draft order shall be in accordance with the final standings from the previous season, notwithstanding draft pick trades that have taken place.

Since Madden 15, it is now possible to exceed the maximum roster size of 53, but you need to be careful after the draft and during preseason to cut back to 53 either as soon as possible or when prompted to do so. Failure to do this on "cut days" will result in the CPU making cuts on your behalf. Once a player has been cut he become a Free Agent and is open to all.
Contracts will be assigned to the rookies after the draft is over and this is done automatically through the game.


Team Owners are required to play with respect for their opponent and the game.
(This is the fundamental rule of this league and covers just about everything)
Team Owners are required to play in a manner consistent with the NFL. 
Punting on 4th down inside their own territory, except if trailing by 21 points or more from the 2nd quarter onwards (any distance required for 1st down) or if ahead by a maximum of 3 points in the 4th quarter only, provided the required distance for the 1st down is no greater than 2 yards, i.e. 4th & 2. Owners are asked to bear in mind the sim nature of this league when making decisions to go for it on 4th & short.
Mixing up run and pass, and man and zone on defense
No Excessive Blitzing or exploitative nano blitzing
DEs are not allowed to be moved wide outside the tackle box.
No Abuse/Excessive use of wildcat formation/pistol formation
No excessive use of Option plays
No Abuse/Excessive use of no-huddle
No Abuse/Excessive use of exploit plays
Offensive players play on offense, defensive players play on defense. Not both*
Owners are expected to play players in their correct positions.
No running up the score against either your opponent or the CPU
No stat padding at the end of games. If the game is effectively over, then take a knee - or several. 
WRs must not be motioned behind the line of scrimmage to use as blockers on running plays
The run commit function MUST NOT be used on defense. (Pass commit is allowed).
Any player who deliberately quits a game, irrespective of the circumstances, will be subject to an automatic ban.
No Supersimming.
Owners can use whichever generic playbook they wish, but the use of Customised playbooks is not allowed.
The "Surprise onside kick" is not allowed.
On defense, a minimum of 3 players should be engaging the o-line/rushing the QB. DE's are NOT to be moved way outside the "box"
Games against the CPU are only to be started ONCE. If the game crashes, regrettably it must be simmed. However, since Madden 18, the game will often save the score when a game crashes. If this is the case, please send a screenshot of the score to the Commish and the game can then be continued.
Violation of this rule will result in disciplinary measures.
No excessive QB drop backs
No QB scrambling to one side then lobbing a pass to the other side of the field
No PA passes on 3rd and long. It's unrealistic. The maximum yardage on 3rd down is 3rd and 6. Anything above that: PA passes are not allowed, even if the RB is sent to block thereby cancelling the PA nature of the play.
No "Sky punting" when faced with a strong wind against you when you kick.

Games vs CPU are expected to be played.
Touchdown showboating, including dives and backflips are not allowed. Dives are of course allowed if trying to evade a defensive tackle when trying to break the plane of the goal line.
*Certain players can be played "out of position" which are as follows:
O-liners can play in any position on the O-line.
D-liners can play in any position on the D-line.
LBs can play in any LB position.
No other switches are permitted, eg, CB - safety, WR - TE, HB - FB etc. These examples are not exhaustive.

You can find further threads about Gameplay issues below:


Owners are expected to play in a sim manner during pre-season. That means that your backups play the majority of the game and that key players are benched at the end of the first quarter. This is what the game does automatically. It is acceptable to alter your depth chart  to play 3rd string players instead, but not to play your starters.


The home team should always play in their coloured tops and the away team in their white tops, unless agreed beforehand (exception: Dallas Cowboys who often play in silver at home). I have often seen games where both teams are wearing coloured uniforms (jerseys and pants) and it doesn't look good. Please agree beforehand if, as the home team, you do not want to wear a coloured jersey. Away teams must NOT deviate from their white jerseys unless the home team agrees to it. Close shades can be an issue with those that are colour blind, or partially colour blind.

“Color Rush” uniforms are only to be used for Thursday night games. The game defaults to selecting these: please stick with the color rush uniforms for Thursday night games only.

Players should use NFL-approved roster numbers on uniforms - not college numbers.

A list of approved numbers can be found by Clicking Here


Any team playbook can be used, except the Pistol Playbook.
The use of Custom playbooks, or Legendary Coach Playbooks is not allowed.

Loss of Connection

Sometimes there will be lag on the screen, which can end up in a loss of connection. Unfortunately, when this happens, there is no alternative but to restart the game. However, if one team is leading in the 2nd half by a wide margin, it is recommended (but not mandatory) that the losing team offers his opponent the chance to play the cpu. Please remember that this is a game, it's not life and death. It's supposed to be fun whether you win or lose, but the important thing is to respect your opponent and play fair. When owners are unable to connect, the likelihood is that the game will be simmed. We recommend wired connections through Cat 5e cable, which seems to be more reliable, especially if your Internet connection is not great. On occasions, the committee will decide to force a win (a feature since Madden 16) if it's a clear cut situation in favour of one team and there is no time for the game to be replayed.

Going for 2 point Conversions

Going for 2 point conversions is allowed in the following circumstances:

Two-Point Conversion Chart

Points ahead: 1,4,5,11,12,19
Points behind: 2,5,10,16,17,19

Disciplinary Measures

Team Owners with a complaint against another are required to report it to the league privately via e-mail/PM.
(GBDawg1 / DonnieBrasco72 / Tru11 / MattyE88)

Team Owners reported to be in violation of the rules will be subject to an investigation by the committee.

Team Owners found in violation of the rules will be subject to either a warning, strike or immediate dismissal from the league.

All complaints will be investigated by the committee and disciplinary measures will be imposed according to the severity of the offence.

As a general rule, they will be imposed in the following order:

1. Warning
2. First Strike (1 game ban)
3. Second Strike (2-3 game ban depending on seriousness of the offence)
4. Removal from the League.

You should not take this sequence as being finite: the first offence (warning) may be skipped straight to the "first strike" dependent upon what offence was committed and whether the culprit is a regular offender. We operate a "Naming and Shaming" policy in this league and sanctions are posted in a thread, which can be found in the Weekly Matchups section. Bans may not necessarily be imposed the week after the offence, but normally they will. If a division's integrity is at stake, then the ban may be deferred. Bans will partially be carried over to the next season. Those who have merely had a warning will have the slate wiped clean unless they repeatedly get a warning each season.

Owners and the time zones in which they live can be found in the Owners List.

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EAFL League Rules - Madden 20 Empty Re: EAFL League Rules - Madden 20

Post by GBDawg1 on Sat 17 Sep 2016, 11:20 am

As you can see, the rules are now up for Madden 18. This is the first draft so there may be changes along the way. If anyone spots anything that I have missed, or anything they don't understand, please let me know.

EAFL League Rules - Madden 20 PbucketTwitter: @GeorgeBransby
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EAFL League Rules - Madden 20 Empty Re: EAFL League Rules - Madden 20

Post by GBDawg1 on Sun 10 Sep 2017, 10:19 am

There have been a number of changes to the rules this season so please ensure you read through them, whether you are new to the league or a veteran.

EAFL League Rules - Madden 20 PbucketTwitter: @GeorgeBransby
It's all about money.
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EAFL League Rules - Madden 20 Empty Re: EAFL League Rules - Madden 20

Post by Donniebrasco72 on Sat 07 Oct 2017, 4:28 pm

Can I please remind owners of the following rule that seems to have been either forgotten, or completely disregarded...

Games against the CPU are only to be started ONCE. If the game crashes, regrettably it must be simmed. Violation of this rule will result in disciplinary measures.

Can I also add to that owners that don't finish their game for whatever reason(more than likely losing???) that chancing the result in the sim during advancement will also be frowned upon.

If former EAFL Superbowl winners can take a CPU defeat in their stride then I expect every owner to do likewise.

Thanks in advance.
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