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Player movement Madden 19 & TRADING AND RESIGNING RULES *Amendment*

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Player movement Madden 19 & TRADING AND RESIGNING RULES *Amendment*

Post by tru11 on Thu 15 Sep 2016, 5:49 pm

Players can be released from now on.
just remember that releasing players might result in a cap hit next season so be wise about it.
Resigning players
All resigning must be done on psn.
Resigned players need to be on your team for at least 1 season before being traded if signed to a multiple year deal.
If signed during the season to a 1 year deal or during stage 1 offseason a player can be traded because i can't see the difference tnx to madden.

Due to new changes to resigning players I will count on people offering the years players ask for. However, the league maximum is 4 years. If a player demands a contract in excess of 4 years then YOU MUST send a screenshot as proof to MattyE88.

Cap can be seen on psn.
Free agents cant be used for trading in the same year.
Also during the season each team has the option to sign 3 players with a 4th pick coming after week 8.
This means you can use it to fill a spot in case of an injury or just to get better.
Matty is in charge of FA signings  so abide by his rules.
Signing players from other PS squads count as FA picks.

Offering contract  during FA bidding:
Offseason 1 Max contract 4 years
Offseason 2 Max contract 3 years
Offseason 3 Max contract 2 years.

 Ii like a pm from 1 of the owners containing the following :
* player name
* position
* overall
* Bonus
* remaining years
If iIsend a pm back saying the trade is good I will post it in the thread and you can put the trade through to on PSN.
Also traded players cant be traded in the same season again.
Draft picks
Draft picks can be traded.
Rookies can't be traded after season 1.

If anyone has got any questions please put there here or any comments.

if i missed any thing or something might be wrong feel free to point it out.
Now enjoy yourselfs fellas and lets get going 
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Re: Player movement Madden 19 & TRADING AND RESIGNING RULES *Amendment*

Post by GBDawg1 on Tue 10 Oct 2017, 4:42 pm

A lot of people have been asking about contracts. Please read this post; an amendment has been added on player resigning contracts in GREEN.

Remember, you can offer what you like in salary and bonus but don't go mad and ruin your cap. What you cannot do is try to cheat the game by offering long-term deals to players. Read the rules above; ignorance won't be tolerated as an excuse and you will either get a warning, ban or end up having to release the player and taking the cap penalty as well.

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