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Dispute Resolution

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Dispute Resolution Empty Dispute Resolution

Post by GBDawg1 on Fri 10 Sep 2010, 8:47 am

At times, we have seen a few incidents occur where owners have had disputes with other owners. I wish it wouldn't happen, but unfortunately, people don't read the rules properly or go the right way about airing their grievances - and then get upset when things don't work out the way they had hoped and they end up with a warning or a ban.

If anyone has a complaint against another owner, the correct way to deal with it is to send a pm to GBDawg1/Donniebrasco72/tru11/MattyE88/bapminister. We will examine the case and come up with a decision. We will seek the views of the other owner before passing judgment if we feel it necessary.

The incorrect way of dealing with it is to make a post on the site, or spout off in the chatbox. That amounts to trash talking and will land the perpetrator with a warning or ban - without exception and irrespective of the circumstances.

If your complaint relates to a gameplay situation, then the easiest way to prove it (although it isn't always totally conclusive) is to submit video evidence. Some plays in a Madden game are recorded and you can download highlights to your ps4, or some record the whole game. If you are downloading from the highlights screen then you have to do this before you quit the game otherwise all of the highlights will be lost. Those relevant can be saved and uploaded to YouTube and the link sent to the committee. This will assist us greatly in resolving disputes. Without any video evidence, it's one player's word against the other's and sometimes very difficult to make a judgment one way or the other.

I trust the foregoing is clear.

Updated 4th August 2015.
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